Based in Sydney’s CBD, Thomas Robb Designs create exquisite designer jewellery pieces as unique and individual as you are.
Designer Jewellers Sydney - Designer Engagement Rings Sydney Thomas Robb Designs Thomas Robb Designs - Manufacturing and designing fine unique designer jewellery pieces. We can also remodel current jewellery pieces. Robb Thomas has a passion for jewellery including precious and semi-precious stones for your unique designer jewellery piece. Designer Jewellers in the Sydney CBD - Thomas Robb Designs in Sydney create stunning engagement rings, wedding bands, dress rings, earrings, bangles, bracelets and many more timeless unique designer jewellery pieces Learn more about diamonds and using semi-precious stones for your engagement ring and other unique designer jewellery pieces. Located in the Sydney CBD, Thomas Robb Designs provides unique handmade designer jewellery pieces.
Designer Coloured Gemstone Jewellery in the Sydney CBD
Coloured Gemstones

Unique Designer Coloured Gemstone Jewellery in Sydney

Throughout history coloured gemstones have been cherished for their unique vibrancy and brilliance. Coloured gems were coveted as charms or amulets, to ward off evil. Later, their rarity and beauty established them as a status symbol, worn by the very powerful and the very rich.

Today coloured gemstones are gathered from all corners of the globe. New gemstones have also been discovered, such as mandarin garnet and tanzanite, to add to the traditional selection of ruby, emerald and sapphire. However, of the 3000 minerals found on earth, only a small percentage qualify as gemstones due to their beauty, colour, durability and rarity.

Collecting coloured gemstone jewellery is fun, easy and affordable. Colours can be selected to suit a particular piece of clothing or fabric, or to reflect the current season’s colour and fashion trends.

The range of gemstone colour, size and shape is practically limitless and we would be delighted to assist you in finding the gemstone that best suits you. Just a few of the gemstones we are able to source for you include;

• Emerald

• Ruby

• Sapphire

• Amethyst

• Opal

• Topaz
• Peridot

• Aquamarine

• Citrine

• Garnet • Rhodolite • Lolite
• Tourmaline • Heliodor • Tanzanite • Morganite • Mandarin Garnet  

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