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Diamond Carat

More Information About Diamonds - Diamond Carat

The Carat refers to the size of the gem and is the standard measurement for diamond weight.

Diamonds are a natural stone and therefore the properties of these precious gems cannot be controlled. In the mining process various sized diamonds are discovered; smaller stones being found more frequently than larger ones. Larger carat sizes are very rare and of extremely high value.

The carat is influential in determining the dynamics of your diamond piece and is ultimately a personal preference. When considering which carat size is right for you, it is important to factor in - your budget, personality and finger size. If you are physically active or work out of doors a smaller diamond may be an ample choice. Although diamonds are the strongest of all stones, they can still be scratched and damaged due to knocks and bumps. A smaller finger size will also make the diamond appear larger.

One carat weighs two hundred milligrams (200mg) and is referred to as one hundred points. Therefore, when purchasing your diamond;

¼ carat = 25 points
½ carat = 50 points
¾ carat = 75 points
1 carat = 100 points

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