Based in Sydney’s CBD, Thomas Robb Designs create exquisite designer jewellery pieces as unique and individual as you are.
Designer Jewellers Sydney - Designer Engagement Rings Sydney Thomas Robb Designs Thomas Robb Designs - Manufacturing and designing fine unique designer jewellery pieces. We can also remodel current jewellery pieces. Robb Thomas has a passion for jewellery including precious and semi-precious stones for your unique designer jewellery piece. Designer Jewellers in the Sydney CBD - Thomas Robb Designs in Sydney create stunning engagement rings, wedding bands, dress rings, earrings, bangles, bracelets and many more timeless unique designer jewellery pieces Learn more about diamonds and using semi-precious stones for your engagement ring and other unique designer jewellery pieces. Located in the Sydney CBD, Thomas Robb Designs provides unique handmade designer jewellery pieces.
Information about unique designer diamond jewellery in Sydney
Diamond Jewellery in Sydney

Information about Diamond Jewellery

Diamonds are the ultimate expression of love, passion, magic and luxury. The purest element in existence; Diamonds are renown for their rarity and captivating beauty.

Just as each person is unique; as is every diamond. Therefore, your perfect diamond is as rare and individual as you are. First discovered in India in 500BC, diamonds have been cherished and desired by generations for centuries. Throughout history, diamonds have been referred to as fragments of stars and even the tears of Gods in different cultures. Diamonds were also believed to hold medicinal and magical properties, protecting their owners from illness and evil.

Each diamond available today was created more than one hundred million years ago. Formulated deep in the earth’s core, diamonds are composed solely of carbon. The crystallization of carbon occurs due to extreme heat and force beneath the ground. Diamonds are then brought to the surface by a volcanic eruption. Diamonds are the hardest minerals in existence and their longevity surpasses all other precious stones. It is due to their strength and eternal brilliance that enables diamond jewellery to be worn day after day, generation after generation.

When purchasing a diamond it is imperative to consider the following elements;

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