Based in Sydney’s CBD, Thomas Robb Designs create exquisite designer jewellery pieces as unique and individual as you are.
Designer Jewellers Sydney - Designer Engagement Rings Sydney Thomas Robb Designs Thomas Robb Designs - Manufacturing and designing fine unique designer jewellery pieces. We can also remodel current jewellery pieces. Robb Thomas has a passion for jewellery including precious and semi-precious stones for your unique designer jewellery piece. Designer Jewellers in the Sydney CBD - Thomas Robb Designs in Sydney create stunning engagement rings, wedding bands, dress rings, earrings, bangles, bracelets and many more timeless unique designer jewellery pieces Learn more about diamonds and using semi-precious stones for your engagement ring and other unique designer jewellery pieces. Located in the Sydney CBD, Thomas Robb Designs provides unique handmade designer jewellery pieces.
Unique Designer Diamond Jewellery
Diamond Colour

More Information About Diamonds - Diamond Colour

The colour of your diamond can enhance its intensity and impact its ability to reflect light.

Colour is influential in determining the value of your diamond. A diamond’s ability to reflect light, its rarity and beauty; are all dependent on its colour grading. Each diamond is evaluated and given a colour grade. The diamond colour grade uses the alphabet to graph these precious stones on a scale from colourless to light yellow. A ‘Grade D’ Diamond is completely colourless and is the highest of all colour grades. ‘Grade D’ Diamonds are extremely rare and are of the greatest value. Diamonds classed between ‘Grade N to Z” are light yellow in colour and are readily available. These diamonds are less scarce than more valuable diamonds which are higher in the grading system.

Although a coloured diamond may seem less significant than a colourless diamond don’t be fooled when it comes to fancies! Diamonds that fall after the ‘Z’ colour grading are referred to as fancies. Within the category of fancies an assortment of vibrant colours are available. Breathtaking Red, Pink, Yellow, Cognac, Blue and Green Diamonds are truly unique and unforgettable. Each fancy diamond is extremely rare and even higher in value than a ‘Grade D’ Diamond. Environmental elements trigger the difference between a fancy and a colourless diamond.

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